Drillable Dashboards for Bottlers & Distributors

Pre-Built, Flexible Dashboards
to Manage Sales & Distribution

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Margin Minder Dashboards


Not just filtering, but true drilling down to SKU level detail.


Each dashboard is rich with information. Follow objectives to reach fact-based decisions from best practice views of your business.


Distribute with colleagues. Comment on dashboards.

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Available Dashboards

Customer Performance

  • Chain Account Sales
  • Customers Down in Volume
  • Customer Value Rankings
  • New Customers
  • Lost Customers

Product Performance

  • Brand Mix Cannibalization
  • Product Lifecycle Trend
  • Product Distribution by Customer
  • Brand by Customer
  • Brand by SKU
  • New Product Placements

Major Segments

  • Gains & Losses by Market
  • Sales Managers
  • Sales Reps
  • Regions
  • Same Store Sales by Market
  • Supplier Performance

Top Level Financial

  • Avg. Vol. Rev. Margin per Customer
  • Avg. Vol. Rev. Margin per Product
  • Daily Sales Trend
  • Margin Breakdown by Region
  • Monthly Trend vs. Year Ago
  • Price Change vs. Results
  • Price, Profit Margin Curve by SKU
  • Price Volume Curve by SKU
  • 52-Week Price Volume Correlation

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